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Care package for missionaries

We are also collecting items for Mike and Heather McAfee. Bring them to Sunday School or contact one of us and we will come pick them up. Here are some of their needs:

They have a TV but they don't get any reception, so DVDs would be great. Here are some I know they want but don't have:

Andy Griffith the 1st 5 seasons
Cosby season 2 and on

Kool-aid (I think strawberry is a favorite), salad dressing mix packets, taco seasoning packets, alfredo seasoning packets, chili powder, cream of tarter, jello, pudding, muffin mixes, pepperoni, and ziplock bags. Also, coloring books, markers, & craft supplies for Caleb, who will be 9 in May, and Karis who is 6 like Gracie. (They homeschool, and while fabric is cheap there, paper and craft supplies are rather expensive. I'm sure if any of our teachers or other craft minded people wanted to put together a little craft packet with directions on how to make it, they would love that!) Remember that the more it weighs, the more expensive it is to ship, though.

I think you have gotten their prayer requests in emails, right? Basically right now just that God would help them learn the language! Also, donations can be made to the International Mission Board in their honor.

Here is their last prayer letter....

Happy New Year! We pray that you've had a good holiday season and are doing well in the new year. The new year in West Africa brings good wishes for all of your family and friends for the year to come. These blessings are very important to the people here as they desire so much to have peace in their lives. In a place where illness is frequent and often deadly, people work 6 days a week for little pay, and fear of the spirit world or Allah (for Muslims) is a very present thought. We ask that you pray for the Mossi of Cote d'Ivoire that they will find true peace this year through Jesus Christ.

Continue to pray for our language acquisition. Pray that we continue to progress and work hard.

Pray as we begin to do survey work on our people and find out if and where God is at work among them so that we may join him there. We have someone coming on Jan 18th to help us begin this work. Pray that we'll catch on to what to do and have opportunities to share as we research.

Thank you for praying for our Christmas party. We got to share a meal with our African friends and were able to share a short skit of the first Christmas. All went very well.

Thank you so much for your gifts to Lottie Moon this year and your continued gifts to the cooperative program. It is quite strange to be on this side of the giving. We got to not only give this year, but we will reap the harvest of your giving by getting to be here serving the Lord in West Africa without worrying about how to make a living.

Love, The McAfees